Top Instagram Posts of 2016

To ring in the new year, let's take a moment to celebrate your favorite Instagram posts of 2016. No. 5  Welcome to Instagram, Asian Aid! With five countries each with their own rich cultures and over 3,500 shinning faces, our sponsored children have so many stories to share. Now, Asian Aid has joined the Instagram community … Continue reading Top Instagram Posts of 2016

Top 5 Ways We Support Children

It is no secret that many children around the world are getting the short end of the stick. Too many are lacking a positive support system, healthy meals three times a day, the opportunity to go to school, safe drinking water, and so much more. What a list--and it isn't a good one. For 50 years Asian … Continue reading Top 5 Ways We Support Children

Rains Cause Landslides in Sri Lanka

It has been less than a week since heavy rains swept entire homes away. Thursday May 19, mountains of mud had swallowed three villages and it seemed unlikely to rescue workers that anyone would be found alive. In other areas, there was more hope as over 150 people have been rescued. Sri Lankan Red Cross is working … Continue reading Rains Cause Landslides in Sri Lanka