Let’s Celebrate International School Meals Day

School children need a healthy diet so that they can grow, build their immune system, focus in school, and have energy to be physically active. If you grew up in a household that provided meals outside of school hours, you may have taken for granted the value of schools meals. However, for too many children … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate International School Meals Day

Kids Helping Kids

  During his Holiday Tour, Jaime Jorge, world-renowned violinist, prepared to pick up his prized violin and walk on stage in Birmingham, Alabama to share his passions for God and for music. This concert would give Jaime the opportunity to share his other passion— Asian Aid USA and child sponsorship. For more than a year, Jaime has traveled as an Asian Aid Ambassador sharing the blessings of … Continue reading Kids Helping Kids

Top Instagram Posts of 2016

To ring in the new year, let's take a moment to celebrate your favorite Instagram posts of 2016. No. 5  Welcome to Instagram, Asian Aid! https://www.instagram.com/p/BAQDsJshxmF/?taken-by=asianaidusa With five countries each with their own rich cultures and over 3,500 shinning faces, our sponsored children have so many stories to share. Now, Asian Aid has joined the Instagram community … Continue reading Top Instagram Posts of 2016