All He Needed Was Support

Dev grew up in a small remote village not knowing from day to day what his future would be like. In such a challenging situation, uncertainty is bred. Will I ever get to go to school? Will I be able to make a living one day? Will I be able to provide for my future family? However, … Continue reading All He Needed Was Support

Solomon and His Promising Future

Solomon Konda is from a small village in the state of Odisha, India. While living there Solomon and his sister Rani attended the government school. Polio had rendered his father handicapped from a very young age. His inability to move around made it difficult for him to find a job even as a day laborer. … Continue reading Solomon and His Promising Future

Sunrise Home Classroom Development Need!

It has been over six years since we built Sunrise home with your support. Before that for many years the home was in a small building in the city and the children all slept in two rooms on the floor. The dream was for a new home and the dream took shape with your help. … Continue reading Sunrise Home Classroom Development Need!