Story of Shiny Bhaggien

Shiny was born in 1987 in the village of Neyveli in Tamil Nadu to a seemingly happy family. Her father was a well-to-do civil engineer and her mother took care of the children and the household. They had a livestock of cows and hens and were one of the enviable families in their small village. But things took a … Continue reading Story of Shiny Bhaggien

The Face of Poverty: Bikash

Poverty has many faces. If you googled ‘face of poverty’ on the internet, you will be met eye-to-eye with a swarm of wide-eyed, dust-stained faces. But, how about painting a picture of poverty in your mind? Picture a hut no bigger than the space a toilet would take up in the bathroom of a regular-sized … Continue reading The Face of Poverty: Bikash

Child Impact International: New Name, Same Mission!

2017 is an exciting year for our small office. Many changes are taking place. Asian Aid USA is now Child Impact International. We may have a new name, but our mission remains the same! Because of our wonderful donors and sponsors, we help to educate over 3,500 children in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri … Continue reading Child Impact International: New Name, Same Mission!