Let’s Celebrate International School Meals Day

School children need a healthy diet so that they can grow, build their immune system, focus in school, and have energy to be physically active.

If you grew up in a household that provided meals outside of school hours, you may have taken for granted the value of schools meals. However, for too many children in our world their only meal may come from their school. From the United States to Myanmar, school meals are precious.


Many sponsors ask what their monthly gift goes towards. Is it just to register their sponsored child at their local Adventist school? No, your money goes so much further! Your sponsored child will stand tall with their friends in their uniform that you provide. After a long morning of studying arithmetic and social studies, they’ll fill their belly with a hot meal thanks to you. Then they’ll enjoy play time energized by the nutrients fueling their body.


Today we celebrate International School Meals Day because of the thousands of grateful children. Thank you for filling those hearts with gratitude!

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