Welcome to Bangladesh, Jim!


Early December, Jim Rennie, CEO, got on a plane for 30 hours of flying from the US to Bangladesh for the first time.

Bangladesh is located on the east border of India and the west border of Myanmar. This beautiful country has a population of over 156 million people and over 29,000 members of the Adventist church. During the first weekend of the visit, he joined in the 100th year celebration of the Adventist church in Bangladesh. For this exciting event, General
Conference President was in attendance with his wife Nancy. Pastor Wilson was proud of the key role Asian Aid has taken in sponsoring children while simultaneously supporting Adventist mission schools. After the ceremonies, Jim flew an hour north to visit the Seventh-day Adventist Maranatha Seminary (SAMS) campus. SAMS is located on the northern end of the Bangladesh-India border.

In that area, security is tight and all foreign visitors are required to have a police escort. For Jim it was very different to have four heavily armed policemen as his escorts. SAMS was built by Garwin McNeilus, an American businessman, in 1993 and has become a huge means of outreach in the area. With over 800 students and about 50 sponsored children, SAMS has a lot of property that includes some vegetable gardens that provides fresh produce for them. The principal, Benjamin Mrong, gave Jim a tour of the campus and pointed out the shortage of computer resources. Recognizing the importance of this need, Jim made arrangements for the school to purchase 20 new computers and two new printers. What a blessing! God is doing a lot through the staff at the Adventist mission schools in Bangladesh to revive hope in their hearts and inspire their minds. Jim looks forward to his next trip back to Bangladesh this year.


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