Passing the Mantle: the Milton Das Story


Milton Das is the Director of Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services (BCSS), a partner organization of Asian Aid. He enjoys the smiles and happiness of children and young people after giving hope with assurance of sponsorship for their education. “I enjoy seeing that the students are graduating, being self-reliant and also helping others,” he says. “Further, I am very happy to have very dedicated team.” Before his fourth birthday, Milton lost his father to liver cancer and as a result, his education was put in jeopardy. With his then pregnant mother unable to carry the burden of caring for Milton and his younger brother, he wondered, how would I be able to start school? Who would support my education?

Thousands of miles away, Joy Butlin, a typing teacher, attended a meeting at her job. That day an appeal was made for the staff to join the Asian Aid family and sponsor a child. “I chose Milton that day,” says Joy. Milton was now a part of the Asian Aid family with a sponsor and a chance for a better future. Over the next 20 years, Joy continued to support Milton until he completed his bachelor’s degree in education at Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College.

Joy was proud of the man who Milton had become. “It is a delight to me that Milton has been able to care for his widowed mother and be a tower of strength for his family, church, and country,” she says. Now, Milton continues to live out his passion of being an “agent for changing lives for this world and the world to come.” He believes he is the fruit of the seeds that were planted so many years ago. “Today,” he says, “Asian Aid is continuing to plant the same seeds of love and care for other children and young people through education; seeds that will bear fruit tomorrow.”

While Milton has a story that is his own, there are many more children who have overcome tough obstacles in their lives to get an education. Asian Aid is a part of many past stories, many current stories, and with your help, many more to come.


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