Sunrise Home Classroom Development Need!


It has been over six years since we built Sunrise home with your support. Before that for many years the home was in a small building in the city and the children all slept in two rooms on the floor. The dream was for a new home and the dream took shape with your help. Now Sunrise has over 150 orphans who love their home. Everyone has a bed in a dormitory room with four or six per room, a cafeteria where they get good food and a 10 acre farm where they learn about agriculture and provide the home with fresh vegetables and fruit. But just as any family grows the children who started at Sunrise in the beginning are getting older.

Now, over 25 attend Adventist boarding colleges, studying to be nurses, engineers, pastors and other professions. Sunrise is still their home and they return every holiday and school break. The Orphanage has an urgent new need: A special building to act as a special classroom


Older children need vocational training. Can you imagine having 30 teenagers home for the holidays! Wow, one or two is normally enough for a family. You love to have them home but you need to keep them busy. Sunrise needs a vocational training room where they can learn practical skills to help them.

Computers, electronics and sewing and dress-making equipment are needed. This classroom will be a great study and recreational space for these deserving teenagers — they need this special room!


Young children: Each month Sunrise receives new young children. These kids come from terrible backgrounds including being found abandoned on street corners or even at railway stations. These children arrive at Sunrise Home lacking social skills. They have to be taught the basics of life and how to speak basic English before they can go to school. Sunrise is in need of a kindergarten room to give these kids Hope. For 50 years, through thoughtful gifts, Asian Aid has provided education to orphans, the poor, the blind and deaf. Women have found medical relief and fresh water wells have been supplied. But there is much more to do and the children keep coming! During the last quarter of our 50th anniversary, Asian Aid is seeking to raise $1,000,000 to complete projects in two locations – Sunrise Orphanage and Myanmar College. Gifts will also help with the total cost of running Asian Aid’s core program of supporting and educating over 3,500 children in Adventist mission schools.

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