Sponsorship Gift Program Changes


Precious little girl enjoying her gift form her sponsor.

We have been reviewing our sponsorship gift program and have some exciting news. All children love to get presents and we know you want to give your sponsored child a special gift. The gifting process comes with many challenges. The challenges both Asian Aid and sponsors experience include:

  • High cost of postage
  • Gift not reaching our office in country
  • Gifts missing during in country delivery
  • Student owing duty on a package that they can’t pay.
  • Packages arriving opened and items missing

From January 1, 2017 we will have a new gift policy and procedure:

All children in each country will continue to receive one gift a year around Christmas time. The Gift Fund will continue to support the annual Christmas gifts which will be separate from the personal gifts that can be ordered.

Personal gifts

Donors will no longer be able to send gifts direct. India: Sponsors will be able to select a gift from a new gift catalog and purchase it through our office. We will have a selection of gifts on our website or provide an order sheet for you to mail to us with your gift selection. The gift selections will be age and gender appropriate. Sponsors will purchase a gift from the selection, write a letter to the child and send the letter and your payment to our Asian Aid USA office. The gift, along with your letter will be sent from our India office direct to your child. There will be two close-off dates each year:

May 30: Final date to order gift

August: Gift with your letter will be delivered

November 30: Final date to order gift

February: Gift with your letter will be delivered

Please note that this change does not take effect until 2017. The first cut off date for choosing a gift will be May 30, 2017 for an August 2017 delivery.

Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar: Unfortunately due to costs and unreliable delivery we cannot offer gift programs in these countries, yet. As a reminder, every child in every country will still receive the Christmas gift from their sponsor by Asian Aid provided through our Gift Fund.

Thank you!

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