Operation Child Rescue- Rescue Story


For Operation Child Rescue, rehabilitation is a key part of our mission — helping women such as Seema. In August 2016, 30-year-old Seema finally walked through our doors to safety.

Years earlier Seema married her husband Raju, ready to begin a beautiful new chapter of her life — filled with hopes and dreams. Not long after the wedding, the new couple moved to a large city for a new start. All seemed well at first, but their relationship became strained when Raju began to work in Dubai. Dubai is a four hour flight north across the Arabian Sea, a flight that was taking him away from her for longer and longer periods. Struggling financially, Seema tried to find work but she found it very difficult.

As time went on, Seema’s marriage worsened. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, her husband drifted further and further away from her. He began having an extramarital affair, cutting off all communication with Seema and eventually cutting her off financially. What was she to do? Hurt by the status of her marriage, she turned to her in-laws. Time and time again they rejected and verbally abused her when she reached out. With her own family being very poor, she felt that going home was not an option. Life had become bleak. Where could she turn? Seema was all alone. She had a place to live but no way to continue to afford the rent. She felt she had no future — no hope. Depression set in as she pondered what her next move would be. She learned that divorce came with many expenses. If she could not afford housing, how could she afford a divorce?

One day, while she was feeling very sad and confused, she was introduced to Ninga. He claimed to be well connected with the entertainment world and willing to help her connect with them — potentially opening many doors. With the promise of financial freedom, freedom from her marriage, and the freedom to live the life she deserved, Seema moved forward in the hopes that Ninga would fulfill her needs. Ninga asked Seema to move into a larger home with him with the promise that she would be able to network with directors and producers who could possibly cast her in their TV shows. Instead, her freedoms were taken away forcing her into a life of debauchery and slavery making her totally dependent on him.

Not wanting to continue living with Ninga, she attempted to escape from her prison. Each time she attempted to escape she was caught and severely beaten. Ninga repeatedly threatened to kill her and her family if she tried to escape or seek help. Wanted in more than three states, Ninga was finally arrested. Seema took this as an opportunity to escape to her brother. Under the impression that she was safe with Ninga, he was shocked to learn the truth of her situation. He brought her to a staff member at his work who knew of Operation Child Rescue and its safe house ‘Azadi’. Seema was welcomed into the safe house with open arms. At last she was secure. At the house, Seema’s needs for an unthreatened shelter, medical care, trauma counseling and legal assistance were being met.

The team at ‘Azadi’ counseled Seema and encouraged her to begin anew with courage and confidence. The safe house ‘Azadi’ provided by donors like you, has given her and many others the courage and a place to start a new life.

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