The Determination to Never Give Up


Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary (college) is the only Adventist institution for higher education in Myanmar. For the last 50 years it has stood as a pillar in the community for how it imparts Biblical values to those who have walked in through its gates. Many of its student body come from poor Adventist families and other walks of life. Yet, for all this college is a place to fulfill dreams and give hope. Through sponsorship organizations like Asian Aid, the college has opened the doors to education to many students like 20-year-old Chitsu San.

Chitsu is a sophomore accounting major and the third child of four children. Sadly, she lost her mother three years ago due to stomach complications. Her mother had been suffering from a stomach ache for a while and was taken to a local village doctor. After hearing of her problem, the doctor gave her the wrong injection and she died later that day.

For Chitsu’s family, her mother’s death took a huge toll. Her father’s heart was broken and his health took a turn for the worst. Chitsu and her family took her father to the nearest hospital as soon as they could—hoping that they wouldn’t lose another parent. Still in the hospital with Chitsu’s older sister close by his side, today doctors continue to help him get better.

When asked about her older brother, Chitsu rather timidly admits that he is in prison. This year he was convicted of selling lottery tickets illegally and was sentenced for a 4-month prison term.

So much pain and suffering for one family. How could Chitsu continue with her education or have any hope for the future? However, despite all that her family has gone through Chitsu remains strong. She has never lost sight of her goal to finish college and become a teacher. She is so grateful for the help she has received thus far from the college and her sponsor.

Chitsu 3.jpg

“Studying here with all my friends has helped me forget my family problems and concentrate on my studies,” says Chitsu.

“So do not be afraid. I am with you. Do not be terrified. I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. My powerful right hand will take good care of you. I always do what is right.” ~Isaiah 41:10~

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