A School for the Blind and Deaf? Part 2

After taking a look into how the special needs of the blind are met at Asian Aid’s School for the Blind, let travel south 12 hours from Andhra Pradesh to Karnakata, India. We travel to a region with over 2,700 disabled children.

India has the most children born with hearing impairment than any other country in the world. For residents in the Chamarajanagar district, there is not a single government school, out of 160 schools, that specializes in meeting special needs. For parents it is very frustrating not being able to give their children a proper education so that they can develop alongside their peers.

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So in 1994 The Kollegal Speech and Hearing Impaired School was started and moved to its current location in 2002. Nestled in three acres of quiet countryside south of Bangalore, India, staff are proud of this school. This school has an environment that requires much use of your hands than you may be used to. For the students pass along every bit of sign language knowledge they posses to each visitor.

Agriculture is apart of the culture of the school. The students help grow bananas, tomatoes, eggplants, mangoes, and more. Students also learn skills such as candle making and tailoring. Most importantly, each child with the need receives speech therapy. Every day over 100 students are given the chance to grow and develop physically and mentally just like their friends and family.

Choose today to Partner with Asian Aid to help change the odds for these amazing children.

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