The Heart to Press On


Eleven-year-old Laxmi Lima has learned at a young age to be strong despite the hardships that come her way. Only in the third grade at the Seventh-day Adventist School in Khurda SDA Higher Secondary School, Laxmi has overcome obstacles many would doubt they could ever conquer.

At a young age, Laxmi lost her father to malaria. With two brothers and a sister, Laxmi’s mother worried how to make ends meet for her dear family. So, she continued to work as a coolie, a daily laborer, at various construction sites, earning about two dollars a day. This meager wage simply wasn’t enough. She didn’t want her children to live without. She didn’t want her children to have to let go of their dreams.

Sending Laxmi and her siblings to a good school became a dream steadily drifting further and further out of reach. Prior to Laxmi’s father’s death, she was able to attend a local Seventh-day Adventist school—would that ever be possible again?

God answered the prayers of the Lima family. With the help of their local church Pastor, Laxmi and her sister were brought to the Adventist boarding school in Khordha.

Disaster Hits the Home

Once again, trouble was around the corner. A powerful cyclone struck parts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in South-eastern India last year. Laxmi’s family home was destroyed forcing them to live in a thatched roofed house. Many other families in the community lost their homes and packed their few remaining belongings and left for greener pastures. Wanting to rebuild the community, the government provided some relief hoping locals would return and rebuild their lives.

Health Struggles

Since childhood, Laxmi has suffered from epilepsy and malnutrition and needs constant care. Recently, with her body physically weakened, she fell and fractured both her hands. Laxmi’s mother unable to afford additional bills took her daughter to the hospital on faith. God impressed upon the heart of the school principal to cover Laxmi’s medical bills. What a blessing!

After being discharged from the hospital, Laxmi was ready to go home and recover. Without a home, where would she lay her head? Given the unfavorable situation, the school’s hostel accommodated Laxmi and made arrangements for her mother to be by her side. Now fully recovered, she can live day to day with a smile on her face—with the heart to press on.

Laxmi and sister

For many students like Laxmi our schools are a means of constant comfort and support. Thanks to Asian Aid’s sponsorship program these schools can continue to care for children who otherwise would struggle in life—just like their parents. Thank you sponsors.

You are making a difference!

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