New Floors for Bobbili SDA School


If you attended school in the United States growing up, you learned from a very young age what a classroom should look like. From the many posters that encouraged focus and kindness on the walls to the durable tiles on the floor, school had a “look.” It is possible you were one of many whose classrooms and halls were in need of certain upgrades. Maybe the tiles on the floor lacked luster or the paint on the walls were chipping. Despite the shortcomings and your limited influence as a child, you adapted.

Bobbili SDA School in Bobbilli, Andhra Pradesh, India was in need of some upgrades when it came to the flooring for the classrooms and hallways. The floors were originally constructed with concrete and were thin. Over time the concrete was breaking away and safety concerns were growing. With over 100 Asian Aid children including Sunrise Home orphans attending Bobbili, Asian Aid wanted to take action.

Today, under the direction of Asian Aid Project manager Raj Varma, Bobbili is proud to have its students walking the classrooms and halls on new tile. Its students no longer have to adapt to a worn concrete floor. Instead, pride for one’s education can be fostered as pride for the building is demonstrated.



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