Record-high Heat in India

Last week India experienced record-high heat with temperatures reaching 124 degrees Fahrenheit (51 degrees Celsius).

The main summer months- April, May and June- in India are typically very hot with June bringing cooling rains. The blistering heat has swept across the entire country causing  illness and death. Indian media reported 16 deaths in state of Rajasthan and hundreds have gone to the hospital. In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, 109 people have died of heatstroke reports The Associated Press.

The people of India have been advised on many preventative measures to get through this hot period. Stay inside during the hottest part of the day. Avoid unnecessary travel. Drink more water and place half-filled buckets of water in rooms to keep it cool.

Indians have been expressing their frustrations with the heat in various ways:

Murari Lal Thanvi, told a BBC reporter of the struggles of being outdoors. “Even my mobile phone gave up and stopped working when I was trying to take pictures today,” he said. “I was able to switch my mobile phone on after putting a wet cloth on it for about 20-25 minutes.”

Others have turned to social media to tweet their opinions or sharing videos on YouTube.

0001 (26)

0001 (25)

Let us pray for India and our Asian Aid children who are experiencing tough summer weather. Let’s pray that they will stay healthy and rain will come quickly!




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