Sponsors like You

Meet one of Asian Aid’s wonderful sponsors Debbie Strack.

Frank and Debbie

Debbie has been sponsoring with us, alongside her husband Frank, since 2012. With six children in India, Debbie has made a great impact on their lives over the past four years. After becoming acquainted with Asian Aid through the Hope in Motion series on 3ABN, she was immediately hooked–hook, line, and sinker!  She loves that she receives regular updates twice a year from the schools as well as letters and handmade Christmas cards from the students.  The students always say thank you for the special gift they receive at Christmas which definitely makes her think of them as “our” children.  Her students share when they have been sick, how they like their school, and about summer & Christmas vacations.

Debbie’s “children” pray for her EVERY day and ask that we pray for them and their families as well.  They are very open writing about God to us.  These letters make their lives at school very real to us because we can “picture” their world. A world where their parents are proud their children are receiving the education they never attained—says one of the blind girls Debbie and her husband sponsor.

Finally, Debbie shares how easy it is to work with Asian Aid staff that are always very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly if they have questions. She takes advantage of the hassle-free and automatic payments as well as the updated pictures as their “children” mature.

“We have sponsored a child in another organization but had never received this much communication, updates, or pictures.  We plan to continue our sponsorship for many years to come,” said Debbie.

Thank you Debbie for your support and we also look forward to serving you many years in the future.


If you are interested in sharing your love of being a sponsor, email us at info@asiainaid.org.

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