Kids Helping Kids

For most 11 year olds, birthdays mean cake, gifts, and lots of fun!

For Rebecca Mercado, instead it was an opportunity to raise money for Asian Aid. In December 2015 Rebecca, her mother Connie Mercado, and 19 others boarded a plane from LAX airport, in Los Angeles, to India. Rebecca was excited for her two week adventure!

Connie and Rebecca

Rebecca quickly came face-to-face with the unique beauty and culture of India. Arriving at Bobbili Blind School she was welcomed with rose petals and bouquets. At Sunrise, they greeted her with a large welcoming banner. She met so many new people, put on a Christmas program, and enjoyed playing on the same grounds as our Asian Aid children. All too quickly the trip came to a close.

Arriving back in the USA, thoughts of India lingered in her thoughts. She recalled playing outside one day and falling. It hurt because of the tiny sharp rocks. Realizing that not every child at these two schools had flip flops, she wanted to do something about that. Why should they get hurt the way she had? When her birthday party came around, she asked friends and family to bring a donation for Asian Aid instead of a gift. Held at the beach with a flip flops theme, Rebecca raised over $400 and $650 in total the weeks following her party. Now 12-years-old, Rebecca can look back with pride on the impact she made in India—280 little feet say thank you!




We love hearing stories about kids getting involved to help out our Asian Aid children. If you have any stories to share, email

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