Director of Partner Development visits India and Nepal

Ravi, Sushma, and Dale all meet for the first time through Asian Aid.

Dale Martin, Asian Aid’s new Director of Partner Development, returned to the US on Tuesday after spending 10 days in India and four days in Nepal visiting Asian Aid-sponsored children in both countries.

This was Dale’s first-ever trip to India, and the sights he saw were astounding, he shares. While in India, he had the opportunity to visit 8-year-old Sushma who is the little girl he sponsors in Hyderabad. He saw where she was living now compared to the slums she had been in before.

Dale said to Sushma, “Would you like anything else?”

“That’s enough,” she replied.

As Dale spoke of his story, he recalled of how little they have there, and how amazing it is for how grateful they are for the simple things in life. “Put that in the context of all we have here in America in the year 2011. We have everything we could ever need, and this little girl is grateful to even have a place to sleep.”

While Dale was at Sushma’s school, he also met Ravi, a field representative in Hyderabad for Asian Aid, who does superintendent work, overseeing more than 2,000 children.

“Ravi came to this school over 25 years ago when he was five years old, covered in cattle manure. He had been sold to a man as a slave when Asian Aid found him,” said Dale. Ravi was sponsored all through his education and is now working for Asian Aid with an attitude of gratefulness for all Asian Aid did for him.

Dale had an eye-opening experience on his first trip to India, but it definitely won’t be his last.

2 thoughts on “Director of Partner Development visits India and Nepal

  1. We sure do need people like Ravi who understand the need of the children they have vowed to serve, not Administrators of certain schools who’s main aim is to launder and amass funds of the Aid, depriving the children they are entrusted to look after.

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