Special India Mission Trip

Asian Aid is giving a limited number of supporters an opportunity to go on a very unique mission trip. At the end of March 2011, an Asian Aid group will visit India to assist the Sunrise children with running a Vacation Bible School (VBS) in a local village, support medical checks and distribute education supplies in the area.

The trip will include:

  • Visiting Elim Orphanage in Hyderabad
  • Visiting the Vizak slum school located in the center of the coastal city of Vizak to deliver school supplies
  • Staying in the guest quarters at the Bobbili blind school and meeting the special children there
  • Visiting the current Sunrise orphanage and taking a trip to the exciting new building and Agriculture project
  • Spending evenings with the Sunrise kids as they participate in a VBS in a local Indian village
  • Assisting with some distribution of basic medical supplies
  • Taking a unique journey to visit the Jeypore School with more than 700 students
  • Visiting some village schools where Asian Aid students are and assist with distributing school supplies.

Participants will be joined by Asian Aid Co-founder Helen Eager who, with over 70 trips to India, will share unique experiences with you. Three days of sightseeing will also be included.

To record your interest so that we can send more information about this unique mission trip please email us at support@asianaid.org

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